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Shagbag - The number one store for Pop and Rock Music Memorabilia , collectables, and rare items

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Shagbag - The number one store for Pop and Rock Music Memorabilia , collectables, and rare items

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Crew Itinerary / Itineraries.

Very Rare Itineraries used by the Band and Crew during the tour so they know what to do, and where to go next. Includes information for tour dates, venues, hotels and travel arrangements for both band and crew. Also listing Crew & Band members as well as managers, promoters, tour related offices, etc. etc.

Depending on the size of the tour and how many preople are involved, somewhere between 20 - 300pcs ever made of these itineraries, and Only a very few of them will ever come up for sale.

All information not conforming to the Data Protection Act have been romoved from these itineraries.

For a full money guarantee on all our products, please save the order number and contact us if the item is not to your satisfaction.

Autographed Items.

All autographed items on our site are given to people who work with the artists for weeks or months on tour, or on different venues. They are 100% Genuine and will be supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity with a full Life Long money back guarantee.

We welcome anybody to inspect the signatures.

Please see inside for many more autographed items. We have framed drumskins, non framed drumskins, tour programmes, tour itineraries, ticket stubs, posters, backstage passes, record covers, etc. etc. All handsigned by the artist(s).

Backstage Passes.

These are all "Guaranteed" Original Backstage Passes from various tours, or in some cases Festival or Concert Passes. Only given to Tour Crew Members, Local Crew, Guests and other important people involved in the tour.

Please see our different sections for a huge variety of genuine passes.

Ultra Rare

This section contains items that are all "One Offs". You will not find another one of the items listed here for sale anywhere in the world so you can be sure to get a Genuine One Off.

All items are guaranteed 100% genuine and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Full Money Back Guarantee, life long. Most items can also be verified by a Tour member or somebody related to the artist.

Other Tour Memorabilia and Rare Items.

Rare items and other memorabilia connected with the Artist(s) tour. Some Promotional goods here.

Concert and Tour Programmes

Genuine official programmes from various tours and concerts.


Original 7" Vinyl Records.

Rare Exclusive Music memorabilia from European Tours

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Shagbag - The number one store for Pop and Rock Music Memorabilia , collectables, and rare items